About speakSIP

Next Generation VoIP Network

speakSIP is a new business VoIP phone service. It allows you to build community of partners, vendors, customers and friends and to communicate with them for free. Stay connected with your professional network and minimize costs of your phone calls.

Our high definition service will make the discussion with people talking different languages a pleasure. Improve your everyday calling experience and forget about bad quality calls and misunderstandings.

By subscribing to speakSIP service you will get unlimited free calls to everyone within your network. The bigger your network, the more you benefit out of it.

A new generation social VoIP network is created by connecting PBXs using speakSIP. Apart from the free calls, you can buy packages for long-distant calls.

Call globally

Add more to your service. Call globally monthly free minutes and channels in more than 32 European countries or numerous worldwide destinations.


Invite people to join the network and get huge discounts, add more free minutes or channels. You choose how to spend your bonus. The more you add, the greater the benefits.

Take control

Take control of your account with online billing tools and never be confused with price lists.

Stay in touch

speakSIP can be used with any modern private branch exchange (PBX), providing unlimited call duration, and worldwide connectivity.