Free Sangoma VoIP phones with speakSIP subscription

Speak Sip Sangoma Promo

For speakSIP subscription for 2 concurrent calls you can get 2 Sangoma VoIP phones for free.

2x Sangoma s300 for 12-month subscription

2x Sangoma s500 for 24-month subscription

2x Sangoma s700 for 36-month subscription

Free Sangoma Voip Phones With Speaksip Subscription

Offer is valid until February 20, 2017

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Sangoma s300

Sangoma s500

Sangoma s700


Fact 1. Every business has business partners.

Fact 2. Every business uses phones to communicate with their partners.

Fact 3. Phone calls do not come for free.

One cause


Many effects

As your community grows, your telephony costs will decrease. This will give you more minutes to communicate with people outside your network.

Plug and play solution will not influence your dialing habits. No configuration needed.

If you already have an IP PBX, you will have zero infrastructure investment.

Side effects

You might develop an addiction to speakSIP ;)