Frequently asked questions

How hard is to use speakSIP?

speakSIP is a transparent service to user and machines. Just dial the number and let speakSIP do the rest for you. No additional buttons, messages, ads or "hidden" features.

What if my Internet connection fails?

Your call will be initiated by choosing alternative classic telephony routes. In order to prevent such problems, you should choose appropriate Internet connection and a reliable Internet provider.

Can I use the service to call anyone on this great planet?

speakSIP offers connectivity to a large number of destinations. Keep in mind that speakSIP is not replacing you current operator and should not be used for calling emergency services.

Can I use speakSip 24/7/365?

Yes. speakSIP is a well established service. Its nature and architecture are based on a sophisticated complex machine (known as cluster). speakSIP is protected and the network is real-time monitored and defended in case of anomalies.

Can I subscribe now and add more to my package later?

Yes, you may modify it the way you like it without any limitation. You are in control how your network will look like.

My business is growing and I need more channels.

You may upgrade or downgrade the service according to your needs anytime.

Does my PBX work with speakSip?

speakSIP is based on standardized protocols and technologies. Even if your PBX is not compatible, we will propose a solid solution for migrating your old-fashion telephone infrastructure to a modern state-of-the-art PBX with Unified Communication features and enhancements. Send us an inquiry via our Contact page and our partners will respond ASAP to your requests.

I would like to know more on speakSIP technical part.

Feel free to have a look at Tech Stuff.

I would like to become a speakSIP Reseller.

We would love it, too! Drop us a line to get more information on how to become one.