Published January 21, 2016 12:56

FreePBX Academy in Athens is finished

FreePBX Academy Athens Jan 2016

The second Open Telephony boot camp within FreePBX Academy organized by First Telecom took place in Athens, January 18-20.

With each course getting more and more enthusiastic Kostas (Konstantinos Raissis), CTO at First Telecom was in charge of making the technical knowledge around FreePBX appealing to a diverse audience, consisting of telephony and IT professionals, system integrators, engineers and IT decision makers from Greece.

Apart from getting to know basic configuration, usage and administration of FreePBX, the attendees had the opportunity to delve into Asterisk advanced routing, SIP networking deeper secrets and the ultimate in SIP trunking by speakSIP.

Some might think that the topics like this cannot be fun, but our group of attendees proved the opposite. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone enjoyed their learning time. We have received jolly good comments feedback – during the course and over a cozy dinner with lots of "spirits" - which encourages us to keep up the good work in spreading the knowledge to everyone who wants to learn and improve themselves.

As the first one in Belgrade, the Athens FreePBX Academy boot camp proved to be very useful to professionals from IT and telephony business, both to those with basic and those with more knowledge of the subject.

Be sure to check FreePBX Academy page to see when and where the next one will be organized.

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