speakSIP Friend

A speakSIP Friend is any company with one or more SIP PBXs, that is willing only to accept calls via speakSIP platform at no cost. To become a speakSIP Firend, you only need to register at no cost.

New business opportunities

As a speakSIP Friend you will open another door for new businesses by becoming available to speakSIP community at zero cost.

If you want to experience full benefits of speakSIP service, you can easily become a speakSIP Member.

Add value to your money

If you already are a speakSIP Member, you can invite your business partners to become speakSIP Friends. This way both of you will benefit of high quality, time unlimited calls that you and your employees can make. The bigger your network is, the more you gain.

speakSIP allows its members to place and receive free calls, whereas friends can just receive free calls.

You can contact us in order to receive a speakSIP Member or speakSIP Friend badge for your website. Let the world know that you are a part of this community.

Register here.