speakSIP Member

speakSIP Member is any company with one or more SIP PBXs, that can place and receive calls via speakSIP platform for a flat monthly fee.

Add your friends

Join speakSIP as a member today and get involved with other people's networks without a mouse click. If your partners use speakSIP, you can call them for free, no matter where they are located. If not, in order for you to call them for free they need to register and become speakSIP friends.

Take control

As a speakSIP Member you will have a real time Call Detail Record. This way you can monitor and control all outbound calls (calls from your head quarters and remote offices). In addition, you can compare prices for a non-inclusive call (off-net).

Design it the way you want it

You can adjust your network according to your calling preferences. With speakSIP you do not change your phone numbers and the way you work. If you need more channels, different plans, more numbers or a new location, speakSIP will do it for you.

You can contact us in order to receive a speakSIP Member or speakSIP Friend badge for your website. Let the world know that you are a part of this community. By placing this badge on your website, you will get even more benefits (free minutes, discounts).

Register here.